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Success Stories make it all worthwhile

A Great Place to Host Events

I hosted an event last night at Liaison College, Richmond Street Campus – from 6 – 9 p.m.

The venue was rated excellent! The food was rated excellent. The content of the event was rated excellent! Not bad huh!

Chef Mick and his students really outdid themselves – all in attendance said they would come back to this location for another event!

Donna Messer, past Chair of WFIM and noted speaker/author/mentor

The Freedom and Pleasure of Becoming a Personal Chef

Personal Chefs are a growing segment of the foodservice industry, increasingly used by people whose schedules don't allow them to create thier own home-made meals. Jenny Jones of Oakville campus had this to say about her career:

Personal chef, Jenny JonesI have always enjoyed cooking, even as a child, but restaurant hours are not for me, so when I heard about Personal Chefs doing meal plans during the day, I thought it was great.  Even Dinner parties aren't too late for this early to bed - early to rise type of person.

The real joy comes when someone tells me they enjoyed the meal I cooked for them.

Liaison College gave me the knowledge to be a Personal Chef.  The hints and tips that would have taken forever for me to find out on my own.  As well as the background with food safety and sanitation.

Our Students Can Cook!

Many of our campuses run restaurants to give students practical experience and let them see the results of their work. Recently, the Kingston campus received this testimonial:

Hi Wanda, I've been meaning to email you to thank you for the wonderful meal served last Thursday -- it was quite incredible and definitely takes very high marks based on dining experiences around the world, including a recent one at Emeril's Restaurant at the Hotal St. Moritz in Miami Beach. By far, and I do mean this, your dinner last week was so much better -- perfect taste, excellent execution/presentation and great service. Keep up the great work - I look forward to many more enjoyable meals! Take care. Patrick

"My experience at the Barrie campus of Liaison College was truly enjoyable. The 15 week culinary course was both intensive and challenging. The hands on practical portion really puts you through the paces necessary to be a kitchen pro, while the theory segment provides the knowledge base to start creating your own recipes."   (Blair Card)

6 testimonials from Kitchener Campus

Kitchener students are wowed by Liaison College

    • I feel more confident .. I can talk about food with confidence and I love to cook.  Liaison College makes me appreciate that.  ~ Matt H
    • Every day I come here, I get more inspired about my cooking.  ~ Devon R
    • You've pushed and challenged me to new heights.  ~ Markus B
    • I learned a lot and had a great time. ~ Drew S
    • Liaison College is a really good, professional school.  ~ Carly P
    • Liaison College is helping me reach my culinary career goals. ~ Peer T

Feature Graduate:  Amy W. – Toronto Downtown Campus
May 4, 2006 – A Natural High

Amy W at the CN Tower, TorontoAmy W. is a graduate of Liaison College. She completed the culinary program under the watchful eye of Chef Mick Elliott c.c.c. and now hangs her whites at the CN Tower where she is a Kitchen Attendant in the Pastry Department.  Amy comes to work every day with about 90 other brigade members and works magic with pastries and desserts in the Tower’s subterranean kitchen.  Here’s some dialogue with Amy:

What cook has had the most impact on your career?  My aunt; she’s a wonderful chef.  She makes pies like crazy!  Now she’s doing it professionally as a caterer.

What chef’s tool could you not live without?  My chef knife; I use it for everything!  Even in pastry – we cut fruit, cold butter ….

Ever seen an ingredient that threw you for a loop?  Gooseberries.  I had to do a practical test to get my job here and gooseberries were on the ingredient table.  I wasn’t sure how to work with them and now I use them all the time.  They’ re pretty, but very sour … gritty.

What advice would you give to students starting their culinary career?  Learn from everyone – everyone has new tips and tricks.  Even your classmates at school …  Love what you do …. I love coming to work!

Liaison College Training Makes Red Seal Test Easy

I couldn't have passed the Red Seal test without my training at Liaison College; impossible. I'm sorry now that I gave my instructors so much unnecessary grief. They really know what they're talking about.

Kevin Murphy, Cook Advanced 2007

Chef Apprentice Enjoys Taste of Success

John Nevin found cooking at Liaison College put him on the right career path. "I wasn't going anywhere in high school and fell into the wrong crowd," Jonathan Nevin says.

Studying culinary arts at Liaison College in Brampton nade all the difference. He returned to Meadowvale Secondary School, and soon his co-op teacher Suzanne Primeau arranged a placement with renowned chef Olaf Mertens.


Kitchener Graduate Cooks Up an Eerie Storm for Guelph's Most Famous Restauranteurs

"SoupQueen Cooks" arrived at this years Taste of Guelph, ready for Halloween! Blood Soup with Spider Web,  Spider Skin with Eye of Newt and Brain Tidbits and a Pumpkin Cake with Worms were on display.  A Cheesy Halloween Spider, was dissected and served on crushed bone matter, to the 600 guests and participants in attendance.

It is always an honour to be invited to participate with the city's most famous restaurateurs. This year I received many compliments on the decor, food, and costumes but the best was that many many repeat guests commented that they still remembered the Peach Soup I served last year.  Doesn't get much better than that - most people don't remember what they had yesterday, never mind a year ago!

With the assistance of my good friends Pam and Catherine, the event was not only successful, but elegantly enjoyable!

Angela Hauler Polla, SoupQueen Cooks, Liaison College graduate

Kid's Camp, Kitchener

My ten-year-old son is just finishing up the week of Chef's Kids Camp - Around the World, and has had a fabulous time! Every day he is excited to go to camp, and in a great mood when I pick him up. He tells me that Chef Dean and the other chef instructors and student helpers are very nice, fun and helpful, and he is amazed by the respect with which they treat the campers, and each other.

While he has always had an interest in cooking, he now says he is "inspired", (his word), by the exciting new things he's learned at camp! I have had vast experience with summer camp programs with my four children over the years, and have never been so impressed with the enthusiasm that a camp has inspired in a child of mine. Keep up the good work, and please put me on your advanced e-mail list for next year's registration.

Kitchen Therapy

How do you release stress when you are taking a tough Masters Program in Biomedical Engineering?  You need Kitchen Therapy at Liaison College -- just ask Andy Hung a part time Liaison College student. Although Andy's future aspiration is in translational medical research, his passion is cooking.

The passion has been passed down through the generations: this recipe is adapted from Andy's Grandmother!  Andy's parents are vegetarians so diet staples are tofu-based foods and vegetables.  Away from home and his mother's comfort foods, Andy experiments on his roommates and friends at dinner parties and pot luck gatherings.

At his first attempt hosting a dinner party, he served Pan-seared Atlantic salmon accented by a citrus beurre blanc accompanied by eggplant dengaku and roasted asparagus topped by a seaweed salad.  Can you say "fusion"?

Cooking with a Passion

"My passion for cooking and quality food preparation led me to Liaison College. After meeting with the director and staff of the Barrie campus, I knew this was the right culinary school to attend. Their passion for developing properly trained chefs shows in all that they do - right from day one!"

"My experience at the Barrie campus of Liaison College was truly enjoyable. The 15 week culinary course was both intensive and challenging. The hands on practical portion really puts you through the paces necessary to be a kitchen pro, while the theory segment provides the knowledge base to start creating your own recipes."    Blair Card

To Kingston Campus

Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how great your course is. My daughter Sonia went to your school and has more knowledge than the culinary arts grad she works with. If I had sent her to [...] it would of cost 100,000 dollars. Any way thought you should know and I am very proud of her and the school she attended. By the way she is working at a country club and was hired immediately upon presentation of her resume.

To Oakville Campus

"I have completely enjoyed myself and learned more than I thought possible while attending Liaison College"  RT  (Diploma Student)