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Recreational classes

Liaison College offers a wide range of recreational classes and we have something for everyone. Whether you burn water or consider yourself the next Top Chef, we have a recreational class for you!

All of our evening classes begin at 7:00 PM and we ask registrants to be here at 6:45 so we can begin promptly at 7. Classes typically run for two hours.

You may book by phone at 705-812-1869. Our classes are non-refundable, however if you are unable to attend a class that you registered for, just give us 48 hours notice and you will be issued a credit for a future class. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Debit payments.

Gift Certificates - Cooking classes make great gifts! You can purchase our certificates by either preselecting a specific class or choosing a dollar value and the recipient can choose which class(es) to attend.

Our recreational classes are:

Culinary Boot Camp - Four Part Series - $250.00

This 4 week series will help you become a more proficient and experienced Chef at home. It does not matter what your present skill level is. Our Professional Chefs will bring your skills to the next level.

Part 1 - The Art of the Knife and Herbology
We will introduce some basic techniques and skills that will benefit you for many years to come. We will also discuss basic cooking methods, seasonings, flavorings and seasonality of many ingredients.

Part 2 - Sauces "101"
A properly prepared sauce can bring a dish to new levels of excellence or to new levels of dissatisfaction. Our chef will also discuss which dishes these sauces compliment and those that they do not!

Part 3 - Chicken "101"
We will teach you about the various cooking methods and some unique variations on old favorites. You will also learn about safe handling & how to utilize less costly cuts.

Part 4 - Beef "101"
Learn how to make superb dishes from some less expensive cuts. Our chef will show you the proper way and the benefits of different cooking methods.

Advanced Boot Camp - Three-Night Series $200.00 - Special Time: 6:30 - 9:30 p.m.

This class has a pre-requisite of our Culinary Boot Camp. In this series, we will take your talents learned earlier and expand to make you an even better Master of your kitchen. Chef will teach you advanced culinary techniques for Potatoes, Rice and Vegetables and Pork. These advanced techniques are much more involved than the basics, so we need 3 hours per night to hone your skills.

Couples Date Night - $195.00 per couple

Our Chef will lead you through a Gourmet menu of which you will prepare the main course, and then dine and enjoy time together. Themes: French, Italian or Mexican. Each theme offers a choice of two different proteins and a vegetarian option for your main course paired with a Chef prepared appetizer and dessert.

French Cuisine – $75.00

Learn French cooking, the foundation for the way we eat today. C’est bon!

Italian Cuisine – $75.00

Italian food nourishes the body and soul with fresh rustic ingredients.

Mediterranean – $75.00

Lemons, olive oil, oregano: Come discover the flavours.

Taste of China – $75.00

There is more to Asian Cuisine than stir fry!!! Come and learn the exciting flavours of the East.

Caribbean Cuisine – $75.00

Learn the fusion of African, Indian, Chinese and European cultures which make up this fantastic culinary experience!

Greek Cuisine – $75.00

Experience the rich and diverse array of foods that are fresh and inviting.

Indian Cuisine – $75.00

Spices and masalas, the essence of India, come and explore the flavours.

Cajun and Creole Cuisine – $75.00

The food is spicy, rich and full of zest for life. Food not just for the palate, but for the whole being.

TexMex Cuisine – $75.00

Learn how to cook this feisty style and spice up your culinary skills.

Sushi Night – $75.00

Sushi is considered an art form. Let us teach you how to take basic tools and ingredients and make a masterpiece.

Tapas – $75.00

Add soul, flair and passion to your next appetizer party!

Baking for Beginners – $75.00

We will take the mystery out of baking and teach you some classics to get you started on the road to making some great artisan breads and desserts.

Chocolate, Chocolate and More Chocolate - $75.00

This course is a chocolate lovers dream…mmm!

Fish 101 - $75.00

Learn how to select and prepare fresh fish and seafood. Learn what herbs and spices compliment your dish.

Healthy Cooking Made Easy – Two-Night Series $125.00

This 2 class series teaches you about making healthy meals quick and easy. Learn about great ingredients and techniques.

Hearty Soups – $75.00

Come learn how to bulk up your average soup with protein, grains and vegetables for a great one-pot meal.

Parent and Child Holiday Baking – $125.00 for 1 parent and child
Special Time: 10am - 12 noon

Start some holiday traditions in the kitchen with our kid friendly recipes.

Pasta Workshop – $75.00

Discover the pleasure of fresh, simple to make, handmade pasta!

Pies, Pies and more Pies – $75.00

Learn how to make perfect pie dough while we teach you about different crusts and pie recipes.

Summer Appetizers - $75.00

Let our chef teach you about gourmet appetizers that will keep you with your guests enjoying the evening.

Thai Experience - Two-Night Series $125.00

Learn this unique style of cooking and experiment with the flavours and seasonings used in your favourite Thai restaurant.

30 Minute Meals - $75.00

On the go? Learn how to prepare nutritious, quick and easy meals in 30 minutes from fridge to table.